Featuring a remote mounted 25 watt monocrystalline solar panel and retrofit-style fan housing, the AB-255 offers easy installation behind any properly sized gable vent.
Price: $394.99


The Zephyr™ AB-255 retrofit-style solar gable fan features a powerful 25 watt remote mounted monocrystalline solar panel and offers easy installation mounted behind or underneath an existing passive vent. These fans are great for home owners that want the benefits of solar powered ventilation without the need for making a roof penetration. Designed for maximum airflow performance, the AB-255 delivers up to 1550 CFM of airflow in full sun exposure and offers an industry leading LIFETIME WARRANTY.
Breeze Mate solar ventilation system controller for Attic Breeze solar attic fans 
The Breeze Mate® solar ventilation system puts ventilation control in your hands, allowing full control over fan operation, temperature and humidity set points, as well as many other safety and performance related features. Breeze Mate® is both easy to install and operate, using plug-n-play wireless network technology to control the operation of your solar fan. Click above to learn more about this amazing new control system from Attic Breeze®!
The AB-252A solar attic fan in black powder coated finish provides up to 1550 CFM of airflow performance!
Attic Breeze AB-255 retrofit-style solar gable fan.
Attic Breeze solar attic fans are Florida and Texas windstorm certified with a LIFETIME WARRANTY!