Manufacturer of solar powered ventilation products designed to keep your attic cooler and make your home more energy efficient. Made in the USA! Attic Breeze solar attic fans, solar attic vents, solar fans, solar roof vents, and solar gable fans are Florida and Texas windstorm approved. Solar attic fans can save you money by lowering the temperature of your attic. Attic Breeze solar attic fans are high quality and built to last.
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Attic Breeze offers solar attic vents, solar fans, solar attic fans, and solar powered ventilation products that deliver high quality performance.



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Attic Breeze is America's leader in solar powered ventilation and our goal is to provide the world with energy efficient solar ventilation products.

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Located in the Central Texas Hill Country, Attic Breeze manufacturers the best quality solar powered ventilation products available.  Our mission is to provide consumers exceptional customer service and offer the world ventilation products designed to improve both residential and commercial energy efficiency.  Using 100% solar power to operate our production facility, Attic Breeze leads the industry in environmentally responsible manufacturing standards.  Attic Breeze solar powered ventilation products are third-party tested, windstorm certified, and manufactured to industry leading quality assurance practices.  Your complete satisfaction is our goal and we look forward to serving your ventilation needs.

Solar attic fans provide a cost effective solution to attic ventilation by continuously removing heat and moisture build up throughout the day.   Solar fans can reduce attic temperatures, minimizing heat transfer into your home. Best of all, they operate at absolutely no cost! The Attic Breeze pivot bracket is specially designed to offer greater flexibility for adjusting your solar attic fan to achieve maximum sun exposure.


The Breeze Mate Solar Ventilation System
Attic Breeze announces the official release of Breeze Mate, offering an unprecedented solar fan control solution...


March 7, 2012                                     Read More


You Asked, We Delivered!
With a growing need for larger applications, Attic Breeze boldly introduces The Grande™ 60 watt model solar fans...


December 12, 2011                           Read More



Going Green Just Got Greener
Attic Breeze installs 23 kW PV system to become the first manufacturer in the industry to go completely solar...


June 16, 2011                                     Read More



Winner of the 2011 Eureka! Awards
Attic Breeze is proud to be chosen by the Texas State Energy Conservation Office as a winner of the 2011 Eureka! Awards...


June 2, 2011                                       Read More

  Attic Breeze solar attic fans operate at absolutely no cost, economically cooling your attic using only the power of the sun. Attic Breeze solar attic vents operate at absolutely no cost, economically cooling your attic using only the power of the sun. Attic Breeze solar gable fans operate at absolutely no cost, economically cooling your attic using only the power of the sun. Attic Breeze solar fans operate at absolutely no cost, economically cooling your attic using only the power of the sun. Attic Breeze solar attic fans and solar attic vents are designed and tested to endure the harshest weather conditions nature has to offer!

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